Beat Poets

from by Jasper's Cast



Rock 'n Roll. Inspired by Jack Kerouac's "On The Road."


"Beat Poets"

I can feel a west wind blowin
Beneath a starry sky
I know that I should be goin
Don’t you wonder why
I still wonder why

So put me on an ocean liner
Put me on a train
Gotta get me going somewhere
‘Fore I go insane
Maybe I’m insane

Got to keep on movin
Movin underground
Feel the earth is changing
Teel I’m sinking down

And I’m under pressure
When you look at me
I know that I’ll never measure
To all that I should be
What you want me to be

So write me a manifesto
Howl at the moon
Hitch a ride to San Fernando
Yeah I’ll be there soon
Yeah, I’ll be there soon

Got to keep on movin
Moving to the sound
I know the earth is changing
Feel it sinking down

1 2 3 4!
hey man! how you feelin?
alright, alright I see you

Denver got a little colder
But I’m keepin on
I’m looking at a West horizon
Think I’ve seen it all
God I hope I’m wrong

So maybe I should stop my runnin
Look at what I’ve found
But man I discovered something
When I settled down
There ain’t no settlin down


from Blue Northern, released October 9, 2012
Eric Elliott: Vocals; Acoustic Guitar; Dulcimer; Percussion
Jackson Floyd: Vocals; Electric Guitar; Bass; Piano; Drums
Jeremy Aulden: Percussion
Meg Lobasso: Cello


all rights reserved



Eric Elliott Dallas, Texas

Eric Elliott is a songwriter, singer, and mountain dulcimer player currently living and playing in Dallas, TX.

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