"Twenty-One Lines"

I don't believe all of the things I say
All I can do is promise you we're ok
Well we make it up as we go along
A storybook and a lonely song
We'll stay in bed and dream the day away
I like the way you look when you look at me

Say your prayers before you go to bed
Lay down your world, lay down your weary heard
I don't know a whole lot these days
All my plans have gone their ways
I've lost myself but look for you instead
I still don't know what love is but you feel right
Here tonight

I know that I will always believe in you
As for myself, well that's not quite true
I don't know what to say to you
But twenty-one lines is far to few
I had a thought, I guess it slipped away


from City Lights: How I Learned to Love the City, released April 19, 2011


all rights reserved



Eric Elliott Dallas, Texas

Eric Elliott is a songwriter, singer, and mountain dulcimer player currently living and playing in Dallas, TX.

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